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The Day The Toilet Paper Died
will be available in eBook & Paperback format.

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Several more books will be available in the future.

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Futurity Magazine is a start up site and plenty more will be added as we move along. Yes, creating a premium magazine online will take time and money. For now, a subscription is not required. The competition is tuff, always has been. Many other websites have a wide array of graphics and video attractions. Before long, we will too, and will offer material that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our biggest draw at present is the Claude Dallas saga, but there are many more packages to come. We’re not in any big rush. This is an enjoyable journey, and in our house, the resolution is to keep a leisurely but steady pace. We have the rest of our lives to complete our projects, and this is a never ending venture. Please look us over and keep in mind that the more little things we accomplish, the better we will look to a bigger investor who may wish to act as a partner to our Company.

Please check back often, as we are committed to creating a premium online magazine that will be more than worth it!

Questions send an email to: jackwaynechappell@gmail.com. Be assured that Jack will remember you.

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